Item 0001

BUY: Engine - Reciprocating - 2-stroke - Hirth 3701 2-cycle, 80 hp

Note that the F 30 develops its maximum torque of 92ft/bs @ 4500rpm. GOOD






High torque / low rpm; ~ Peak power - 80 Hp at 4500 RPM

3- cylinder, inline; Fuel injection; Water cooled;

99lbs With or without gears?

This engine should theoretically have good reliability. The ratio of reduction can be small, which will put the mast closer to the pilot's head. The length of 3-cylinders plus the centrifugal clutch will balance off the pilot's weight.



Hirth Engines




Hirth - 3701 - Recreational Power Engineering




Hirth Australia


Has picture of fuel injected engine.


Hirth - - South Africa (maybe not)




Eastside Engine Repair Inc. (maybe not)


Arlington, Washington

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