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Bill of Material 0986 ~ Principal Assembly only ~~~~ Try to keep under 135 lbs.


For initial overview regarding certification etc. see the magazine EAA Sport Aviation, Dec 2002, article 'Continuing Airworthiness' on page 57.

Having a strong power train and mast will allow for the offset teetering rotor.

  Primary Concerns:

The 3-blade per rotor version will not be able to use (much, if any) opposed longitudinal cyclic for directional control. It will have to use differential collective, Variable Vertical Fin Concept (VVF), or drag device. See DESIGN: Dragonfly ~ Rotor - Disk - Blade to Blade Clearance

The Principal Assembly (Item 0986) must be light to maximize the remaining amount of the 254 lbs that the builder can put into the fuselage etc. Possible Safety Exemptions

Low blade tips, particularly at the sides of the craft. Partial solutions: B196 ~ Personnel on Ground

  Certification & Safety:

  Considerations for Future:

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