Item 1461

OTHER: Helicopter - Inside - Interleaving - Very Heavy Lift


  1. Interleaving helicopter with large vertical fuselage.
  2. Interleaving helicopter for longline operations. Small cockpit located in center above the plane of the rotors.
  3. Interleaving helicopter with conventional fuselage, plus Advancing Blade Concept and Active Blade Twist.
  4. (no sketch) A very large Interleaving Helicopter with two fuselages. The fuselages are located directly under each rotor.
  5. (no sketch) A helicopter similar to 4 except that it is for sling loads. There are two supporting cables, one from each of the small pods located under the two rotors. A third cable might be attached to a strong central tail, to give greater load control. The craft would fold-up for storage on a ocean vessel.


All rotors are in the same plane. Blue Rotors turn CW. Red rotors turn CCW.









Wild Idea to Reduce Stagger and Perhaps Reduce Tip Loss:


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Initially displayed: June 9, 2005 ~ Latest revision: September 1, 2006

The above application of reverse velocity utilization in a twin main rotor helicopter is openly and publicly disclosed on the Internet to negate an entity from patenting it, to the exclusion of all others whom may wish to use it. ~ Reference patent law 35 U.S.C. 102 A person shall be entitled to a patent unless - (a) the invention was known ... by others in this country, ..., before the invention thereof by the applicant for patent.