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DESIGN: AeroVantage - Transition Mechanism - Proposed Methods - 1x2 - Underslung Arm and Pivot

to Scale

What about a 1/2 scale UAV? See; 1695_FoldWings,jpg Note that any electronic sensors in the nose cone on the front proprotor will be reoriented between cruse and hover.



The above frame and wing have been reduced in size. See .dwg file below.


Drawing 1695_6.dc has a tandem arrangement of the 1x2

See; DESIGN: AeroVantage ~ Weight & Balance - Full Size - 1x2 - Underslung Arms


Streamtube Locations:

Link the retracting wheels to the rotating arms of the front proprotor.

Notes re Transition Mechanism:


Pros & Cons(erns):



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2x4 Version of Underslung Arms and Pivots

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