SynchroLite ~ Weight & Balance


Allocated weights and balance for SynchroLite.

Outside Helicopter

Robinson R22:

It appears that the center of gravity at gross weight is from 3.5" in front of the mast to 0.0" from the mast. At reduced weights it can be up to 4.5" in front of the mast and at even more reduced weights it can be up to 1.5" behind the mast.

 Robinson R22 - Weight & Balance

Spreadsheet for Calculations of R-22 Weight & Balance


With 1 Engine: For US - FAA ~ SP/LSA, European - JAR - VLR, and Britain - BCAR-S

Database REPORT: Weight and Balance ~ SynchroLite

With 2 Engines: For FAA US - FAA ~ Ultralight (part 103)

Database REPORT: Weight and Balance ~ SynchroLite

Changes to above values, which will reduce the weight:


12.5 lbs

Target = 5 % of 254 lbs.


-5 lbs

Two Zanzottera engines will weigh a total of about 5 pounds less than the two Hirth F-33's.


-1 lbs

Four planetary gears and using helical gears in the two planetary gearboxes will reduce the weight by about 1 pound. Or better yet, because of the reevaluation of the Ultrasport 254 planetary drive, reduce the safety factor by decreasing the face width or going to a DP of 14, if the ID of the sun gear will fit over the mast. Why should the SynchroLite use 12 DP like the Ultrasport when the power is < 1/2? Reasses the old gearing (must have 4 planets), but using 14 DP. 14 DP not cut or common therefore must go 16 DP and more teeth


-0.5 lbs

Helical gears in the Synchro-box will reduce the weight by about 0.5 pounds. Or decrease the face width. Do not consider - for now anyway.


-3 lbs

Have one set of engine instruments and a toggle switch on the cyclic grip to flip between the sensors on the two engines. ~ or ~ Mount the instruments on the pilots upper leg and have a quick disconnect to the helicopter's wiring harness, which will reduce the weight by about 3 pounds.


-1 lbs

There is 3 pounds allocated for an oil pump and cooling system. 3 separate 'fling' systems may reduce the weight by one pound.


-1.5 lbs

About 0.75 lbs have been removed from each rotor head.


? lbs.

Producing the blade spar by pultrusion.


? lbs.

Producing the hub in composites.


-12.0 lbs



The inclusion of floats will allow the empty weight to be increased by 30, 60 or 90 pounds. See DESIGN: SynchroLite ~ Landing Gear ~ Floats

The smaller OD of the lighter secondary reduction should allow for the drives and synchro to be raised. This will make for shorter (stronger) and lighter masts plus larger OD but thinner synchro-gears. The CG to rotor hub arm will be slightly shorter.

Work like hell to reduce weight and consider putting all 'unused' weight into the rotor spring related components. This will make the SynchroLite a little more like the UniCopter and make it a safer and easier to control craft.

Can Gross Weight be 314 lbs Due to the Inclusion of Pop-out Floats?

See DESIGN: SynchroLite ~ Landing Gear ~ Floats

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 See: DESIGN: SynchroLite ~ Weight & Balance - Load - Pilot Will be relocated.




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