Top 5 Emerging Aerospace Technologies to know about


Technology has taken over the world. They are massive improvements in each and everything one of the sector. You name you to have it. The same goes for aerospace technologies as well. Aerospace is an old field of engineering which is recently coming out of the closet. With the increase in commercial air transport and the number of passengers increasing daily, there is a demand for improvements in the developing markets. We’ve mentioned the top 6 aerospace technologies that you’re ought to be aware of. Check it out!

Health monitoring

Health monitoring system

By health, we mean the health of the aircraft which can be kept in check by proper monitoring and self-healing technologies that reduces the human load. The system will be responsible for managing the health of the aircraft to ensure a safe landing. The technology is already implemented in aircrafts like Boeing and the Airbus. It was also used in 2009 in the Air France jet that crashed due to faulty electricity, to inform the headquarters. The main idea is to enhance the remote collection, monitor and analyze the aero plane’s data to check the safety of the plane.


Space Propulsion technologies

The European DREAM program used advanced propulsion technologies that included geared turbofans and opened rotors. Efficient techniques are either being used or built by the Aerospace researchers, which is mainly devoted to diminish fuel consumption, reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere and also noise produced by the sonic jets. A recent and the best example would be the invention of new plasma-based rocket propulsion technology, called VASIMR ((Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket), developed by NASA. The breakthroughs and the inventions made have proved to reduce the consumption of fuel, which will even aid in the long term space expeditions.

Advanced materials

Advanced materials

Aircraft material is often an underrated topic among ordinary people. Many improvements and advancements in the recent discovery of these materials have had considerable benefits in the market. The current invention of materials likes the graphene, carbon nanotubes and many more not only decreases the weight of the aircraft but also aids in lesser fuel consumption. MIT and NASA have collectively used these light-weighted wings called “morphing wings” to manufacture lightweight and tiny wings that need not use human intervention but can be assembled by robots or machines.

Blockchain and Smart Automation

This is in regards to the manufacture of aeroplanes. We need not mention the effort and science that goes into making an aeroplane, yet anything could go wrong. Thanks to the emerging technologies like blockchain and automation, that reduces human blunders and risk factors. For example, airbus was called “factory of the future” that scanned metal surfaces to figure out the size and torque required. Unique robots were later designed to complete the task. These technologies will take over the world one day!

3D Printing

3D Printing

A common man can be quiet unsure about the use of this technology as there are no live examples of it. However, it is a current technology already underuse, to print and manufacture, lightweight, cost-effective parts of an aeroplane that can be subjected to constant wearing out. Airbus A350 also uses this technology.

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